Threats Against Journalists: Two Cases Reported During February 2024

FN Threat Data Analysis – February 2024

Two threat cases of different categories, including threat to harm and arrest, were monitored and documented during February 2024.

Documentation of threat cases against journalists is undertaken through Pakistan Press Club Safety Hubs Network programme, award-winning civil liberty organisation Freedom Network is managing since 2016.

Freedom Network is manning five safety hubs across Pakistan to monitor and document these violations and assist journalists at risks in partnership with five biggest press clubs of the country, including Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Islamabad and Peshawar.


On 28 February 2024, Israr Ahmad Rajpoot, a crime reporter with The Nation newspaper in Rawalpindi, faced threats and harassment from retired military officials while performing his duties. The incident, occurring around 12:30pm at Jinnah Park, involved two former military officers.

Israr was covering a story at the Rawalpindi Kachheri and was summoned to Jinnah Park by Major (retd.) Naseem to discuss a report on the harassment of female students by two youth in park. The meeting quickly turned confrontational as Colonel (retd.) Mehboob verbally abused and threatened Rajpoot, with orders given to monitor and potentially detain him upon visiting Jinnah Park.

The intervention of a third party, associated with Colonel Rajam, allowed Rajpoot to escape the hostile situation. Following the encounter, Rajpoot lodged a complaint with the local police, seeking action against the retired officials for their alleged intimidation tactics and requesting protection for journalists against such threats.

The Civil Lines Police Station is investigating the allegations to ensure the safety and freedom of journalists in Rawalpindi.


Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested YouTuber Asad Ali Toor in connection with allegations of a “malicious campaign” against the superior judiciary on 26 Monday February.

Toor’s lawyer, Imaan Zainab Mazari-Hazir, confirmed the arrest and stated that he had gone to the FIA’s Cyber Crime Reporting Centre in Islamabad in response to a summon notice and join the inquiry about the campaign against the judiciary.

Toor was earlier interrogated for nearly eight hours by FIA officials in connection with the same case on 23 February 2024. FIA previously issued him notice on 25 January 2024 for interrogation in the same case. 

FIA presented Toor in an Islamabad District and Session Court on 27 February 2024 for physical remand. The court granted the FIA five-day physical remand of Toor.

Threats, Attacks, and Harassment against Various Types of Media:

One print journalist and one internet received these threats during February 2024.

Threat Actors Attacking and Harassing Journalists and Media:

One state actor and one non-state actor were believed involved in these threats these journalists faced.

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