Life as a Woman Journalist in Pakistan: Threats, Harassment And Rejection

This book has been produced by Freedom Network, a Pakistani civil liberties group working on freedom of expression and access to information issues. This is a book of testimonies from women journalists from across on the threats, harassment and rejection they face. Testimonies from all provinces, federal capital and other territories of Pakistan are included in the book produced in 2017. Freedom Network has been supported in this endeavor by the International Media Support, a Europe-based media development organization. Freedom Network would also like to thank all the courageous journalists who have shared their stories. Thanks are also due to those who made it possible to collect the testimonies, including Xari Jalil, Myra Imran and Farzana Ali, who are themselves amazing journalists and media development expert Iqbal Khattak for their inputs in producing this book. Neither Freedom Network nor its supporters necessarily endorse the contents of this book.
Click link to download full PDF Report.
Final Report – Testimonies Of Women Journalists in Pakistan
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