Journalist Attacked For His Report On ‘Merit Policy Violation’ In Punjab Police

A senior officer of Punjab Police in Lahore in January 2021 hurled direct threat at Geo News channel’s crime reporter Ahmed Faraz for filing a report on “violation” of merit policy in transfers and postings the officer’s wife tweeted.

“Would kill you,” Superintendent of Police (SP) Abdul Wahab told Faraz at DIG Investigation Office in Lahore on 21 January 2021 after the journalist used the tweet of another police officer, Aisha Butt, who is wife of Mr Wahab to file the report about what Aisha Butt tweeted.

She removed the tweet after her high-ups expressed displeasure over making the issue public. Aisha Butt, who is SP-level officer of Punjab Police, tweeted that Punjab Police was “ignored” merit policy while transferring and posting cops.

Screenshot of Aisha Butt tweet on merit policy violations in Punjab Police.

“Behaviour of the police official was unbecoming and concerned authorities must take action against the official in question,” media watchdog Freedom Network said in a statement on 28 January 2021. “The journalist just performed his duty as the lady police official’s tweet referred to a serious issue which must be brought to attention of senior police officials and attacking and hurling life threat at the journalist is a serious issue,” the statement added.

As Geo News channel aired the report, SP Aisha Butt removed her tweet allegedly under pressure from her high-ups.

SP Abdul Wahab “got furious at spotting” him, said Ahmed Faraz, at the DIG Investigation office and “attacked me.” He also threatened to “kill” him, said the journalist.

A complaint was lodged against SP Abdul Wahab with Punjab Police chief and Lahore Police chief about the attack on the journalist and verbal threat but no action yet taken against the accused.

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