Sixth death anniversary of journalist Musa Khankhel

The sixth death anniversary of journalist Musa Khankhel, who worked for Geo News channel from Swat Valley before shot dead in unresolved mysterious circumstances on February 18, 2009, while on professional duty, falls on Wednesday.

Six years are on that no progress was reported in probe into the journalist’s killing, Essa Khankhel, a journalist and brother of slain Musa Khankhel, says in an audio message he released to Freedom Network [FN], Pakistan’s first media watchdog organization, on eve of the sixth death anniversary of Musa Khankhel to highlight the issue of #impunity in Pakistan where 14 journalists, including four media assistants and a blogger, were killed in 2015.

Essa Khankhel demands that the government completes legal process it initiated with registering a case by uncovering the hands behind the killing of his brother.

The death anniversary of the journalist comes after Pakistan government committed itself to fighting impunity by endorsing the UN Plan of Action on the journalists’ safety and the issue of impunity. The government needs to translate its promises into action on ground.

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